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How To Make a Christmas Door Bow

There is no better way to invite the Christmas season in than by wrapping your front door with a beautifully festive bow. As an event decor company selling premium organza rolls, we understand the imp…

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Green Machine Rivets Tutorial Videos

If you're thinking of buying a Green Machine and rivets for Leatherwork, or you already have one and need some tips, watch our 'how to' videos below to see how to fix die sets into green machines a…

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Fun ways to use colourful ribbons

For a dose of colour, why not stock up on colourful multi-functional ribbons. Great for adding extra zhush to your gift wrapping, fun for pretty summer garden décor, wrapping flowers, cupcakes an…

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Our Green Machine Hand Press - The Ultimate Guide

At Trimming Shop, our intention is to provide our customer base with the perfect range of products to make their projects come to life. Whether this is an arts and crafts project, or simply some…

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