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Electric Press Machines

Experience unparalleled efficiency in your crafting endeavours with Trimming Shop's Electric Press Machines. Craft with speed and ease, ideal for mass-production projects that demand precision and quick turnaround times. Our electric press machines are designed to revolutionise your crafting experience! 

Are you tired of manually punching holes in your craft projects? Look no further than our electrical eyelet hole punch machine! Constructed with a blend of sturdy steel and durable plastic, this machine is a star product for mass crafters as it ensures a reliable and accurate performance. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and hello to perfectly punched holes every time. Powered by electricity (220V) and equipped with a UK plug, this machine streamlines operations, making crafting a seamless and enjoyable process. 

This electric eyelet punch machine includes two cutter moulds of 48mm and 53mm size, providing versatility for various crafting needs. Moreover, it is compatible with other hole sizes, offering adaptability to different project requirements. The intuitive design of the machine simplifies the hole-punching process, making it accessible for crafters of all levels. 

Whether you're working with thin fabric, rubber, or plastic, our electric eyelet punch machine is a versatile tool for creating clean and precise holes. Elevate your crafting capabilities with Trimming Shop's Electric Press Machines, your go-to solution for efficient and professional-quality results. With free UK shipping you can begin your crafting journey with ease! Visit our Press Machines section to explore the possibilities and enhance your crafting journey. 

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