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Our Green Machine Hand Press - The Ultimate Guide

Our Green Machine Hand Press - The Ultimate Guide

5th Jan 2022

At Trimming Shop, our intention is to provide our customer base with the perfect range of products to make their projects come to life. Whether this is an arts and crafts project, or simply some alterations to clothing, it is our mission to deliver what customers want.

In terms of changes to clothes and garments, few items prove more effective than our Green Machine Hand Press. Helping to keep things simple but with maximum efficiency, this product from Trimming Shop is able to allow a user to make crisp and clinical alterations to an item of clothing.

By combining the Green Machine Hand Press with a dedicated die set, it is easy to add specific elements and transform the garment at hand. At Trimming Shop, we have a superb collection of tools, dies and machines , which includes a range of green machine dies .

In this blog we look at why our Green Machine Hand Press is a top selection for our customers, and why you may wish to add such an item to your own collection.

Why buy the Green Machine Hand Press?

Whether you are a hobby enthusiast, or in need of a press machine for commercial use, the Green Machine Hand Press from Trimming Shop can work for you.

This machine can be used alongside die sets to stud a variety of materials with ease. These include fabric, leather, vinyl, paper, fabrics, cardboard, canvas and tarpaulin, among plenty more.

This means that whatever you are intending to use your Green Machine Hand Press for, the design of this product puts you in the ideal place to achieve your goal.

Suitability for different dies

The Green Machine Hand Press from Trimming Shop can be bought singularly, but it requires a selected die. Fortunately, we have a superb selection of different dies.

This covers a vast array of options, including:

And plenty more. We also offer Universal Green Machine Hand Dies and Tool Sets , which provide all you could want for your project in a single purchase.

All the available dies that are suitable for use with the Green Machine can be viewed here, while we also offer Green Machine Sets which can allow you to find exactly the die you are looking for alongside the Green Machine itself.

How to assemble the Green Machine hand riveting press

Assembling the Green Machine Hand Press from Trimming Shop is a fairly straightforward process.

To start, simply unscrew the nut at the top of the machine, then insert the handle with the larger side at the top of the machine.

From there, insert the bolt through the machine and handle, before tightening the bolt with the nut. The larger of the die pieces should then be inserted into the hole at the bottom of the hand press. This can be held in place by tightening the side screw.

Last but not least, screw the smaller of the die pieces directly above the larger die. Be sure not to overtighten anything, as this is not good for the structure and integrity of the machine.

And there you have it. Your Green Machine Hand Press should now be ready to use!

Get your Green Machine Hand Press from Trimming Shop today

We hope you have gained some valuable insight into the Green Machine Hand Press available from Trimming Shop.

For further tips on using the Green Machine Hand Press, take a look at our YouTube channel.

You can also take a look at our delivery options, which include worldwide shipping and click and collect. And just in case something is not right, we offer hassle-free returns too.

If you have any questions, our team will be happy to help. Simply get in touch .