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Sewa UK Rickshaw Run 2023

Trimming Shop is a proud sponsor of the Sewa UK Rickshaw Run 2023, raising funds to refurbish a dental unit at Arogyadham in Chitrakoot, Madhya Pradesh, India. 

Sewa UK’s aim is to have several camps every year that provide various medical treatments to marginalised communities. The general health and nutritional standards in these villages are poor, and there is virtually no health education. Dental disease, facial deformity, and oral cancer are prevalent health concerns. Using the skills and dedication of teams of volunteers from the UK, their charity supports the training of local staff to treat patients and educate villagers so they can become self-reliant.

Not only are we sponsoring this amazing event but our CEO is one of the 108 riders taking part and will be travelling from Chitrakoot to Kutch in a Rickshaw, covering over 2000 km across 4 States in just 12 days. Ash aims to personally raise £5,000 in support of Sewa UK

Trimming Shop was part of the 2019 Rickshaw Run which aimed to raise £200,000 and ended up raising over half a million. This year the goal is to raise £500,000 and all donations will go directly to this worthy cause, as Sewa UK is 100% volunteer-operated, and there are no administrative costs. 

We are extremely proud to sponsor the Rickshaw Run once again and commend the incredible volunteers who are taking on such a challenging endeavour. Their dedication and hard work are truly admirable. So, join us in making a difference and creating a healthier future for these communities.